“Damkalidis SA” was established in 1974 with the object of representing and distributing products of well-known brand names, while offering the best possible service to our customers and end-consumers in the Greek market. We are a leading trading company that imports, promotes and exclusively distributes brands in the following categories:

Nikon (Japan): Digital cameras, lenses, flashes, accessories and binoculars
Polaroid (Netherlands): Instant cameras and films
Mitsubishi (Japan): Professional photo editing and printing systems. Photographs of passports, certificates and for general use
Ilford Photo (UK): Black and white film, photo paper & chemicals

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Sonos (USA): Wireless Speakers and Home Sound Systems
Gallo Acoustics (UK): Spherical Speakers, Sound Systems, Interior Lighting
Crystal Audio (Greece): Speakers, headphones, cables, power sockets, chargers and other accessories
TruAudio (USA): Indoor & Outdoor Speakers, Installation speakers

SanDisk (USA): Memory Cards, Card Readers, USB Flash Drives, Solid State Drives (SSD) and Media Players
Varta (Germany): Alkaline, rechargeable, clock & special purpose batteries, chargers and lenses
Cellular Line (Italy): Accessories for smartphones & gadgets
Case Logic (USA): Backpacks, bags and cases for laptops, tablets, cameras, CDs / DVDs cases
Thule (Sweden): Backpacks, cases for ipad, iPhone, laptop, tablet
WD (USA): Internal and External Hard Disks (HDDs) and Solid State Drives (SSDs), Network Storage Solutions, NAS Systems

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Small Domestic Appliances (SDA)

Dyson (UK): Vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and stylers, fans, heaters/coolers, air purifiers
Ariete (Italy): Breakfast, home care and other small appliances
Remington (USA): Personal care electrical appliances
Russell Hobbs (UK): Electric kitchen appliances
Leifheit     (Germany): Household cleaning products, ironing, drying and kitchen utensils
Soehnle (Germany): Kitchen & bathroom scales
Midea (China): Robot Vacuums
Bianco (Greece): Home care and small appliances
Honeywell (USA): Air Coolers, Dehumidifiers
Crystal Home (Greece): Electric cooling and heating appliances

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The company has its headquarters in a privately owned 2.800 sqm building. There are four separate, independent departments managing and specializing in the below categories:

- Imaging

- Audio

- Accessories

- SDA (Small Domestic Appliances)

The management invests heavily in its human recourses by providing regular educational and training programs. These training programs offer employees the opportunity to acquaint themselves with new products, new technologies, modern management and marketing techniques.

Our in-house service department and customer support team provide help and support for all questions and issues that may arise to ensure the best possible customer experience.

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You can contact the company via email: info [at] or telephone: +30-210-9410888 or fax: +30-210-9427058

Contact hours: 8:30 – 16:30 UTC/GMT+2


You can contact our service department via email: servicedesk [at] or telephone: +30-210-9410669

Contact hours: 8:30 – 15:30 UTC/GMT+2